Our goal is Your Success Satisfaction Confidence Freedom ROI

Don't reinvent the wheel. Thousands of businesses are facing the same challenges as you. There's probably a turn-key solution available at a fraction of the price of custom software.

There may be many affordable, turn-key solutions already designed and developed to suit your technology needs... you just need someone to help you find one that is within your budget, provides full technical support, and most importantly, fulfills the rules and practices your business demands!

ArchiTech's software purchasing consulting service is intended to help people maximize on their hard-earned dollar, and still get the solution they need in order for their business flow to keep a steady current. We firmly believe in finding the best route for our clients... when we make less money because we saved our client thousands, then we know we are doing our job.

Let ArchiTech to be your I.T. miner. We will dig deep to find the cornerstone that will serve as the foundation for your business. We will present you with alternative solutions, each provided with a list of pros and cons specifically geared to your needs.

What's Involved in Software Purchasing Consulting?

Our experienced analysts listen to your needs, find software already available that provides a solution to those needs, provide a comparison report between the applications, and offer our professional recommendation which most benefits your business based on the your available budget.

We provide each client with a detailed report that lists the top turn-key software applications available for purchase that fits the client's overall needs. The candidate applications are weighed against each other in the following areas:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Price Point
  • Help Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Consumer Ratings

Our staff becomes intimate with each application to include in the report a summary of each candidate, a rating for each of the above areas of evaluation including an easy-to-read comparison chart, and our recommendation to the client. We also include in the report how a custom software application would benefit the client, and whether or not it would be worthwhile for the client to pay for a custom system as opposed to a turn-key application.

Need Custom Software?

Does a custom software application seem inevitable for your business? Perhaps custom is the only solution to your vast range of functionality needs. Sometimes your business demands more than a generic system. Your business needs a variety of functionality that can be found in a variety of turnkey solutions, but not one single solution. Perhaps you find yourself struggling to make an off the shelf software application fit your business flow, but it's just not flowing.

Learn more about our Custom Development services below: