Increase your Website's Visibility Traffic Conversions Leads Sales ROI Success with strategic Internet marketing

We take an organic approach to growing your Brand on the web which, over time, creates a wealth of business you never imagined possible, drawing customers from new channels you had no idea existed.

Warm Leads

People searching on Google are in need of and are actively looking for the products & services you offer. We'll get your business on Google... all you have to do is answer the phone.

Target Your Audience

Online marketing lets you target your customers by locale, demographic, interests and more. Unlike traditional advertising that displays your ad to the mass public.

Track & Measure

We track everything. We depend on the data for insight into what's working and what needs improvement. You get reports that give insight into your campaign's performance.

Untapped Markets

Internet marketing can accomplish two things. 1) Let you know where there's a demand for your products and services and 2) Put your business in position to penetrate the market.

Educated Customers

Online customers do their research. They become familiar with what they're buying and get many pre-sale questions answered. When they reach out to you, they're ready to buy.

Quick Results

When a Pay-Per-Click campaign is optimized and proven to be profitable, then your volume of opportunities can be throttled by simply changing your ad spend budget.

But Wait ... Conversion Optimization can easily Triple Your Website Traffic

Before you spend a dime on Internet Marketing to increase traffic to your website, make sure your website is making the most of every opportunity, today.

If your website hasn't been optimized for on-page conversion, you're in for a treat. Imagine how many opportunities you could be missing, even right now, from the visitors that are coming to your website.

For instance, if a website that currently gets an average of 10,000 visitors per month tripled its web page conversion rate from 3% to 10%, they would see an extra 700 opportunities per month without doing any extra marketing! Often times eager customers have to search for what to do next on a website when all they need is a simple action button on the page like Free Website Evaluation!

Want to start marketing, but not sure where to begin?

After a free evaluation of your website, current strategies and desired goals, we can lead you to success

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Search Engine Optimization

Tap into the flood of customers that are searching for your Products and Services on Search Engines like Google and Bing.

SEO, simply put, is the process of preparing your website for optimal visibility in the eyes of the search engines (Google, Bing, MSN, etc..). Unfortunately, many website owners and SEO companies try to "trick" the search engines by over-stuffing their website content with the same "keywords" or adding tons of links to their pages, to try and improve their search engine ranking. Even if this still did work, which it doesn't in most cases, how will this improve business for your website? It won't.

Our SEO approach involves looking at all the factors that might be hindering your visibility in the search engines, like sites built entirely in flash, text hidden in images, duplicate content on multiple pages, etc..But we don't stop there. We also research the key words and phrases that your customers are searching for, analyze the top competition in your market and take an in-depth look at current user behavior on your existing site.

This "complete" approach at search engine optimization produces more, better-qualified traffic to your site, greater authority in the search engine's eyes, and lower "bounce" rates (visitors that leave after only one page view).

Pay Per Click Advertising

How much money do you spend each year on yellow page listings, magazine ads, newspaper ads or direct mail? Is it not performing like you want?

Increase your marketing ROI by as much as 300%!

With Pay Per Click advertising, each click on your ad is tracked and, when used with web analytics reporting, that specific user's behavior is monitored while they are on your website. Now you have the ability to see which geographical regions react the best to each type of ad, which keywords buying customers use when searching for a product or service, as well as what areas of your website may be preventing your business from getting more sales.

We've increased visitor conversions (a specific action, like submitting their information via a contact form, or completing a purchase) for some of our clients by as much as 300%, in as little as 3 months! Plus, you're in complete control-start or stop ads at anytime, change ad copy, adjust bid rates based on performance, cap your ad spend on a daily or monthly basis - and gain valuable insight into what your customers are looking for!

If you're tired of wasting money on ineffective traditional marketing that you can't measure, give us a call today!

SEO Copywriting

What is it that makes us like one website over another when they both offer the same product or service?

It's not just how it looks, but rather what it says.

It's a known fact that good copywriting motivates people to take an action by making a connection with the customer at an emotional level. The great thing about the internet is that everyone is there. All personality types, shy and reserved, boisterous and obnoxious. And they're all looking to buy from a company that understands them, and how they think.

If all your website talks about is how great your company is, but doesn't hit on your customer's pain or how your product can benefit them, then it will probably never reach its full potential as a marketing tool.

ArchiTech's professional SEO copywriting service not only focuses on the customer, but also assists the search engines in finding your website and helping them understand the products and services you offer. And if you want your website to attract more visitors and appear higher in the search engine result listings, creating and updating your website copy with compelling content is critical to getting and staying near the top.

Link Building

In order for search engine listings to be relevant for the user, the search engines look at many factors when deciding which website should be at the top of the listings for any specific search. Domain name, title text, body copy, semantic structure, visitor traffic and link popularity.

Link popularity helps the search engines, like Google, rank a website based on it's authority and relevance to it's users. Previously, webmasters linked back and forth between non-relevant websites, link farms, and free internet directories to help improve your website's link popularity and ranking, Like keyword stuffing, those days are going away. Link authority is key. It's not just the quantity, it's the quality of the links that makes the difference.

Link-building takes time and work. But the benefits are worth it. If you are passionate about your product or service, want to be seen as an expert in your field, and want more business, it's a commitment you must make sooner, not later.

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