How To: Double Your Website Traffic in One Month

There's a very easy way to double or even triple the amount of traffic you realize on your website. We're going to share the method with you, but first you need to be sure you have tracking measures in place to know how much traffic you're currently getting, and other site performance statistics such as your site's bounce rate, best performing pages, goal performance tracking, click tracking, call tracking, etc.

Once you know how your visitors are engaging with your website (or not engaging) then you can take appropriate measures to get your visitors to stick around longer, and essentially do what it is you want them to do on your website: fill out a contact form, make a phone call, subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, etc. You can find out how your website is performing using a tool Google provides for free called, Google Analytics.

So, how do we propose you double your website traffic? By getting more of your website visitors to engage with your website. Let me explain by giving you a scenario...

Assume your website averages 1,000 unique visitors to your website every month, and your website has a bounce rate of 75 percent. That means that 750 people are leaving your website every month without going past the entrance page, aka the landing page. Technically you have 1000 visitors, but realistically you only have 250 "engaged" visitors that are actually perusing your website to learn more about your company's product/service. Chances are, if your landing page has a bounce rate of 75%, then the 250 visitors that went beyond the first page are probably not finding much value on the other pages of your site and will most likely exit your website on the next page they view.

What if you could improve your landing page so it has a very achievable 50 percent bounce rate. In doing so you would increase the number of "engaged" visitors from 250 to 500 which essentially doubles your realized website traffic! Improve the bounce rate to 25 percent and now you've tripled your traffic with 750 engaged visitors.

The best part is: You can accomplish these results without doing anything to attract more unique visitors to your website like paying per click, increasing your site's organic rank on search engines, etc. In fact, improving your website's bounce rate is something you should do BEFORE you try attracting a flood of new visitors to your website. Otherwise, you're wasting your time, and money.

Stay in tune with the behavior of your website visitors, make the appropriate changes to your site to get them to engage with your website, and start reaping the results of a performing website - more business!

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