How to Pull Off a Last Minute Thanksgiving - with Success!

If you're like me, then you can already smell the aroma from the kitchen filling the air, finding its way throughout the house and drawing everyone in to find out what's a cookin'! You can hear the cheers in the living room from big moments in the football game and the cheery sounds of friends and family laughing, playing board games or just catching up from Thanksgiving last year. At some point in the day, someone gets the mind to turn on some Christmas music and start planning their Black Friday shopping spree and Dad is in the garage digging in boxes to look for Christmas lights. Or, you might be thinking... "Oh my, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I still haven't even gone to Publix, yet!"[...]

Yet Another Reason to get Social

Google's intention is to connect you with the right information, the right business, the right people. Who better to connect you with than people already in your contact sphere? If you haven't seen the benefit of getting plugged into the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, then perhaps you'll have a new perspective after you learn about what Google has in store for those that are socially connected[...]

Tips for Writing Effective Website Content

Getting good, engaging content plugged into your website is just as important as finding that perfect image that delivers the "worth a 1,000 words" message to your website visitor in three seconds or less. Your message must help the reader to understand, relate, get emotionally involved, and be compelled to take action... with you! Consider the content writing tips shared in this article before you invest endless hours writing website content that may just leave your readers feeling helpless or confused. [...]

Is Your Website Driving Customers Away?

When a visitor reaches your website - either through organic search, clicking on an ad, or via a referring link from another site - are you making sure they're finding what they're looking for as soon as possible? My guess is: More than likely, No. [...]