Monitor your KPI's to be sure your marketing is working and your business is Growing Thriving Profiting Winning

Web Analytics reporting takes you into the mind of your customer, allowing you to more effectively market your business and increase conversions.

You've spent thousands of dollars and invested countless hours creating fresh content to draw internet visitors to your new or redesigned website, only to discover that it's not producing the results you had expected.

That's where Advanced Web Analytics reporting from ArchiTech can help. We start by inserting a small snippet of code on each page of your website which allows us to monitor the activity and user behavior of each visitor to your site. By tracking important Key Performance Indicators (KPI), we can provide you with valuable insight for improving your visitor's experience and increase profitability for your website.

Measure Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

How do you measure the success of an online marketing campaign that covers many different channels; e-mail, pay-per-click advertising, organic search and banner ads? Architech's web analytics reporting will identify the impact of each online initiative and examine it's effectiveness, letting you know which methods offer the greatest ROI.

When you're informed about your website visitor activity you can make strategic decisions and invest more money in what's working.